I am a passionate reader and writer of philosophy. I work as an I.T. Professional, but my true passion is with the love of wisdom. It comes to me as a natural way of life, devoid of dogmatism and militantism. In our age where information is so readily available, it seems people have forgotten the necessity forĀ the art of “rational conjecture”, to quote Bertrand Russell on the matters of philosophy.

I have wrestled many different ideologies in my mind over the years, starting from a background of angry rhetoric toward women, to becoming a feminist, then a self-identified marxist, anarchist, secular humanist, atheist… Culminating with abandonning all of these identities to simply call myself a philosopher.

I am the father of two lovely children and a loving husband to my wife. There is no greater responsibility, as a human being, than to bring responsible adults to this world, and although I would like to spend all my life reading and writing philosophy, I know my priorities and they rest with my family.

With that being said, philosophy remains at the back of my head at all times, and while you will see that I despise positivist doctrines like scientism, I am humble toward science itself. While the philosopher may ask questions, when science has answered the question, it bears no importance to ask this same question over and over again, yet for the sake of intellectual growth, every person should seek out the questions, and then the answers.

That is, in essence, what I would like to promote, in society. This is what I’m about.