Life in society is an enigma to most human beings, and few are those who truly feel like they have figured everything out. Anyone who says otherwise is frankly trying to be more than they really are. What I hope for in this blog is to simply talk about different topics with regards to it and philosophy. In my view, the completely irrational shape which makes up the body of societal norms (which in face of evidence, it bluntly backhands with dogmatic self-indulgence),  deserves philosophical scrutiny.

In light of abundant scientific evidence, the people of Earth have become even more superstitious than ever. It would appear to me that the issue is not the evidence at hand, but rather a philosophical suffering that ails from centuries of individualism and imperialistic means to propagate economy. The incapability for human beings to interpret the most basic of scientific concepts, resides not in an error of science but in an error of misinterpreting conceptualized thought.

Our efforts to expand reductionism beyond the bounds of science has led to a lost generation. One that has no guiding principle, no categorical imperative and no moral compass. That on its own might not be too horrible a thing, if it weren’t that we have been in such a lethargic state for decades. Science has not saved us, despite overwhelmingly demonstrating our superstitions to be false. Rather, the human race has continued to curl inwardly and deny reality.

It is not Science that can accomplish the marriage between reason and reality. Never will it be able to do so alone, for in dabbing excessively in scientific pursuit, we have forgotten what it is to be human. The utilitarian concept has been spread like a cancer, and now the means justify all ends, especially that of the occident. We have no qualms with slavery, if we receive a wage for it. We have no qualms with cheap labor, if it permits us to enjoy our luxuries. We have no qualms with immorality, so long as it doesn’t affect us.

More and more, The Hatred seeps through the pores of the collective consciousness and it is poised to break the integrity we have fought so hard to maintain, at the cost of our humanity.

If it is not a revolution that humanity needs to wake itself up, it is a change of hearts. Where reason will be chief, once again, and superstition relegated to a past akin to intellectual dark ages. Humanity was never meant to perceive the universe with a cold, detached eye. It was meant to seek to understand it and to marvel at the discoveries, not sulk in 2-week vacations, just to remind itself of what it once had, before all of this was shackled to deepest pit of The Cave, as imagined by Plato.

We are afraid – as we should be – but hope is what I offer you, if you will but reach out.



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