This website is my public repository for thoughts on society and philosophy. I invite all to read and inquire within, but I warn in advance that this isn’t a place I dedicate to inviting debate but rather stir it elsewhere. If you would wish to bounce your ideas off on me, seek me out on Facebook.

As for me, I am a hopeful optimist who has spent a lot of time reading different philosophers and philosophical notions. I intend to speak my mind about a variety of subjects, with the intent of doing so rationally, in order to help nuance the different shades of grey that may exist, in any given debate. What I will say in this blog may not always agree with your pre-conceived notions of reality, and I expect it to be so.

Please, don’t let that deter you from reading on. My primary goal here is not to shock, but to promote critical thought.

Thank you for the time you will spend going through my blog.